Ollie & Alli


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The heat doesn’t always stay in the kitchen.

Alli Thomas works as an accountant, but she has much bigger dreams. Her dreams are so big, they get in the way of her work. If she wants to save her job, she has to save Ollie Wood Deli.

World-class chef Ollie Wood gave up a promising career in fine dining. He now busts his butt to save his late parents’ deli from going under. The empty plate is his canvas and food is his medium, but when it comes to numbers, Ollie is worse than hopeless.

When Alli sweeps in to save the deli—and her job—she uncovers a lot more than messy bookkeeping. The truth she finds threatens to ruin the deli forever. And the heat that builds between Ollie and Alli threatens even more.

If you love nail-biting suspense mixed with heart-pounding romance, you’ll love Ollie & Alli.


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