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Key Witness

A Cameron Hauk Mystery

The truth is just a story we tell.

Searching for evidence that he can use to free his mother from prison, Cameron Hauk assumes a fake identity to infiltrate a presidential fundraiser on a luxury megayacht. 

While on board, he witnesses the death of the yacht’s billionaire owner, a Russian arms dealer. In the wrong place at the wrong time, the yacht captain and the billionaire’s wife try to pin the murder on Cameron.

Cameron has only a few hours to find out who really killed the billionaire and find the evidence he needs to free his mother, all while maintaining his fake identity, and all before the ship returns to shore and the police arrest him for murder.

If you love heart-stopping mysteries, get your copy of “Key Witness” today.

Eyes in the Dark

A Cameron Hauk Mystery

Technology definitely has a dark side.

Cameron Hauk spent his childhood helping his parents steal things. Banks, jewelry, art, you name it. And he loved every minute of it. 

When his father died in a random shooting and his mother wound up in jail, he devoted himself to getting her out.

Now he’s playing a long con, part of which involves assuming a fake identity to steal a prototype from the most famous tech titan in the world. He planned for every contingency, except the murder of the tech titan himself.

Stuck square in the middle of the murder scene, Cameron must figure out who really killed the tech titan, steal the prototype, and escape without the police being any wiser, or he’ll wind up in prison with his mother.

If you love a twisting, pulse-pounding mystery, you’ll love “Eyes in the Dark”.

Ollie & Alli

The heat doesn’t always stay in the kitchen.

Alli Thomas works as an accountant, but she has much bigger dreams. Her dreams are so big, they get in the way of her work. If she wants to save her job, she has to save Ollie Wood Deli.

World-class chef Ollie Wood gave up a promising career in fine dining. He now busts his butt to save his late parents’ deli from going under. The empty plate is his canvas and food is his medium, but when it comes to numbers, Ollie is worse than hopeless.

When Alli sweeps in to save the deli—and her job—she uncovers a lot more than messy bookkeeping. The truth she finds threatens to ruin the deli forever. And the heat that builds between Ollie and Alli threatens even more.

If you love nail-biting suspense mixed with heart-pounding romance, you’ll love Ollie & Alli.

Racing Hearts

Sometimes the smartest thing is to stop thinking.

Lindsay Rhodes owns a data science startup in San Francisco. When her estranged father, Kellen Hart, dies, she must leave her business behind to fly to England to settle his estate.

Cormac “Mac” McEwan loved Kellen Hart like his own father. A hell of a lot more, in fact. When Kellen dies, Mac must do everything he can to keep his adopted family, Kellen’s racing business, intact.

With Lindsay wanting to get home to her startup and Mac desperate to save Kellen’s business, both hope for a quick solution. But Kellen Hart’s will shows that Kellen had something else in mind.

A sexy, heart-wrenching tale of love over logic, Racing Hearts will leave you breathless. Get your copy today!


Sometimes magic has a mind of its own.

Vampires and magic users do not get along.

That’s putting it mildly. Over hundreds of years, they worked out a fragile peace just to keep from killing each other off. Now, they just avoid each other altogether.

But when a spell goes wrong, vampire Jules and wizard Harry discover that they cannot get away from each other.

Even worse, as time goes on, they realize that they don’t really want to.

If you love star-crossed paranormal romance with witty banter and heart-stopping action, read Spellbound today.

Bare Trap

Living off the grid just got a lot harder.

Brin Wallace works as a barista in Portland, but knows she can do a lot more. While trying to clear her head on a hike through the Oregon woods, she stumbles upon a murder in progress and runs for her life.

Rich tech entrepreneur James Pollard left civilization behind three years ago in search of a simpler, quieter life in the Oregon forest. He now lives off the grid… as far from other people as he can get.

When Brin falls into James’ solitary world, desperate for his help, both of their lives hang in the balance.

If you love suspenseful, heart-pounding romance, you’ll love Bare Trap.

Flames of Freedom

Duty and honor are not always the same.

Colonel Terence Phillips tried to enjoy his retirement from the Canadian Joint Task Force 2… with little success.

When the Prime Minister’s mother went missing, Terence leaped at the call to lead a team to track her down.

But he never expected to be so torn between his sense of duty and his sense of what was right.

A fast-paced and passionate romantic thriller, Flames of Freedom will leave you desperate to find out what happens, even as it brings tears to your eyes.